7 Easy Ways To Help Your Congested Infant Right Now

Is your baby suffering from a congested nose? Are they unable to relax and breathe properly? It is difficult for an infant to convey what is troubling them and as they cannot do anything to provide relief for themselves, it is the job of parents to provide them with the much-needed relief. It is important to know how you can make your baby comfortable and how to handle them when they are sick.

If your baby is suffering from cold and a congested nose, then I suggest you follow these steps to relieve them from their suffering given by Newmomvintage.

  • Let your baby sleep sitting up

One of the best ways to ease your baby’s congestion is by allowing them to sleep in an upright position.  You can also use high chair, here are the list of best high chair under 500. You can either adjust their mattress by raising the one end or you can let her/him sleep against your chest while you are sitting on a chair.

  • Keep the nose clean

One of the best ways to help your infant while congestion is by clearing up the mucous that dribbles from their nose so that it doesn’t dry up and blocks their nose which would make breathing even more difficult for them. Just take a clean cloth or tissue paper and wipe their nose in every few minutes.

  • Use steam

This is an amazing way to get rid of all that congestion. Take your baby in the bathroom and fill the tub with hot water and sit beside it so the steam can help in easing down all that congestion. You can clean your baby’s nose after it is cleared of all the congestion.

  • Saline drops

If your baby is suffering a lot and you want to completely get rid of the congestion then there is another thing which you can do. You can put a few drops of saline in your baby’s nostril which will help in breaking down the mucous. You can use a bulb syringe to pull out the extra mucous after that.

  • Nasal massage

You can also perform nasal massage on your baby’s nose as this is a great way to clear out the airways and get rid of all the mucous. You can perform this once or twice a day to keep your infant’s nose clear of mucous and you will notice that your infant is more at ease every time after the massage.

  • Probiotics

Another great way to ease your baby’s congestion and to prevent them from getting any respiratory infection is by introducing probiotics in their body, which are tiny microorganisms good for their body and which keeps them fit and healthy.

  • Nursery humidifier

One of the most important things to do when your infant is suffering from congestion is to make sure their room is not too dry and a nursery humidifier helps in just that. With the help of a humidifier, you can break down your baby’s mucous and clean it out which will ease out his/her pain and will make them comfortable at least for the short interval of time.

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