South Bend, Indiana

 Bobby Newman
Indiana Task Force Leader


I am Bobby Newman, Task Force Leaders, for the Northern Indiana Ride for Kids. I got involved in 2004 with the RFK as TFL/Visitations. After meeting the kids, parents, and the families of kids who are dealing with the effects and after-effects of this life altering disease, it has been a life changing experience for us. It has been a lot of work putting on this fund raising event for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. And we see how the money raised is going to brain tumor research, support programs, and college scholarships for those fortunate to be survivors. And it is so worth it. Especially on that day of the ride and we get to see the smiles of the kids and families and motorcyclists that join us for that special day.

I have been involved in motorcycling since 1994. I got involved with the Gold Wing Road Riders Association and were chapter directors and assistant district directors for a while. Then we got involved with the Ride for Kids. Going out and doing presentations has opened up a whole other world to us.

I have visited ABATE, HOG, CMA, GWTA, GWRRA, AMA, and other motorcycle chapters, making presentations and issuing invitations to come to this worth while fund raiser. I have been so impressed with the loving, caring, and giving nature of the motorcycling community that has come together to make the Indiana Ride for Kids event so successful because this is not a ride for any particular group or brand of motorcycle, this is about the kids. Raising money for the research to find the cure that end this life threatening disease is the only goal. And we hope and pray that the money that we help raise will finally do it! With your help, we will move closer to that goal.

So come ride with us. It will be fun and possibly a life changing experience for you, as it has been for me.

Thanks for Seven Years of Leadership
2007  —  2013

Georgia & Ej Ford


 Stars of 2007


We are Georgia and Ej Ford, Co- Task Force Leaders for the Indiana Ride for Kids, a charity ride benefiting the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. We have been involved with the Indiana Ride for Kids since it moved from Indianapolis to South Bend 4 years ago.  We just volunteered to work the day of the ride the first year, but after meeting the kids and their families that were fighting brain tumors, we were hooked, and joined the Task Force so we could do as much as possible for the cause. 

     Brain tumors are the number one killer of our precious children and adolescents. It hits them with little mercy and no warning.  Everyday in the U.S., 9 children are diagnosed with brain tumors, 4 of those will die. Our children need better options.  These children are counting on us to give them hope for a better future.

     We can’t do it alone; we need you to come out the day of the ride with your donation and meet the kids and hear their stories.  If you are not a rider, you can help also by allowing us to make a presentation at your church, club or organisation, or you can just go to our website,, and donate on-line.

     For more information on the cause or if you know a child or young adult that has a brain tumor or is a brain tumor survivor, please contact us at or 219-324-3459.


Thanks for Three GREAT Years of Leadership
2005 – 2006 – 2007

   Jennifer and Tony Certa
          Indiana Task Force Leaders       

We would like to introduce ourselves; my name is Jennifer and this is Tony Certa. We’re the Indiana Ride For Kids Task Force Leaders. We have volunteered our time to make the motorcycling community aware of a terrible disease that is affecting children and young adults, Brain Tumors. This is the number one cancer causing death in children and adolescents. Motorcyclists are a very giving group of individuals who love to ride for a cause, and we need your help to find the cure for Brain Tumors.

In 1999, we went to our first Ride For Kids event in Illinois. Since that first experience we have decided to make it our mission to help the children and their families fight this terrible disease. We can’t do it alone, that’s why we need you to attend our ride. Get involved, meet the brain tumor survivors, meet their parents, hear their stories. After that experience you’ll be back, we have and will continue until the cure has been found.

If you know of a family that has a child or young adult that has a brain tumor or is a survivor of a brain tumor please have them contact us at or 219-462-9776, we want to make them a ‘Star’ at the Ride For Kids Event in South Bend.



Thank You
to the more than 150 men and women who volunteer their
time and efforts on behalf of the Ride For Kids and
the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation and
the Northern Indiana Ride For Kids
Thank You